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photographer brussels

Hey! Welcome to my site, I am a professional photographer located in Brussels.

I am available for your:

  • Photo book

  • Personal photos, business, linkedin,...

  • Weddings

  • Pregnancies, births, baby showers,...                                  

  • Events 

  • Fashion / clothes / objects / artists,...

  • Real estate projects

  • Videos

  • ... (non-exhaustive list)

And this, both in French Dutch and English.


I first started photography as a passion about ten years ago and it has since become a profession. I have always been attracted by the beauty of the world around me and immortalizing it is therefore an obsession. Each change in brightness is an opportunity for me to take beautiful images.  

I love creating content, whether it's photo or video.

I immortalize all the moments of your life. A smile, a gesture, a look…no detail escapes me. I create your memories, because these are part of your story.

Make me your photographer? This way.


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