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My way of working?

Of a sociable nature, I like contacts, I know how to put people at ease, I like to laugh and above all I like spontaneous photos.

I will not impose poses on you that you don't like or that don't make you look good. It's the best day of your life! The photo album should reflect this. I prefer to offer you personalized stagings that will reflect the atmosphere of your wedding. The idea is to tend towards natural, touching photos while avoiding the overdone and the cliché.


  A meeting is essential beforehand in order to explain all this to you, and listen to your wishes.

What do I offer during a performance?

- My presence on site all day - 500-1000 photos (selected, corrected, retouched,...)

- Love-session of the bride and groom, staging to discuss together.

- Storage of photos on my server for an unlimited period.
- My advice throughout the day, to optimize the memories you will get out of it.
- My professionalism and good humor.

It is also possible to make a video of your wedding.  

- Video report of the whole day (5-10').

- Shooting all day (an assistant is present)

.- Recording of the speeches and the exchange of vows as well as the "letter to the bride".

- Drone planes

- Logging, editing, transitions, color correction, color grading


Do you make photo albums?

Albums are quite feasible, but are separate requests.

I don't like “full package” offers that are all inclusive and not very honest, each request is different according to taste.  

Am I moving?

With great pleasure and everywhere on the whole earth, the expenses are taken care of by the bride and groom, do not hesitate to contact me to find out more.

How to book me for your future wedding?

Wedding or engagement session, I am at your disposal with a nice dose of creativity, do not hesitate for a second to contact me for more information.


A question ? Looking forward to reading you and meeting you.

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